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The Playground

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The Playground is a venue I co-founded my senior your of college. A kid named James in my comedy writing class called me over Christmas break. He asked if I wanted to help start a stand up venue at Syracuse. I said, "How about we use my basement?" At which point, we had to convince my 7 roommates to get on board with this. Everyone was game, and we got to work. We set up everyone with formal roles and hired a few extra hands. We had security, a bartender, a merch stand, a resident DJ, a photographer, a videographer, and even a green room where our laundry machines were. We went to the thrift shop and decorated the space with tons of chairs and decor. We invested in a sound system and lights. And we built a stage. The club quickly grew quite a following. Everyone would line up outside our house on Wednesday, making a line around the block. This space brought together people from all corners of campus, to feel comfortable and laugh. This experience grew into so much more then I could have imagined. I am so proud of what I helped create. The Playground is still going strong today.

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The Student Run Comedy Club Built From The Ground Up

The News House

Wednesday nights at The Playground bring students together to laugh off the stress from school.


New Comedy Club Opens at SU

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Laugh out loud at The Playground 311, SU’s student-run comedy club

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